22nd June 2017


“The allusion of pleasure cant fool reality”  In the novel “The Great Gatsby” written by F.Scott Fitzgerald we follow eight key characters through a rabbit warren of lies and twists that digs through three levels of social classes. Fitzgerald portrays an idea that life cant be an illusion by giving meaning to three symbols, the color white, the color green and water. Through these symbols i will display how you cant escape reality through reliving the past.

Through out the novel the green light represent the life that Gatsby and daisy could have. Gatsby builds his life around Daisy and through out the whole book Gatsby is obsessed with Daisy and the green light thats just across the bay. Gatsby describes the light as being just across the bay but as the book progresses he comes to the retaliation that it will always be out of reach for him, and his whole life has been build around a dream that will never come true.  Through out the novel gatsby talks about the light being “…just across the bay…over the water…” which shows gatsbys ambition and motivation to get across the bay, and go over the water but he cant, he is trapped where is hes and cant cross the water. He also talks about how “If it wasn’t for the mist we could see your home across the bay..” which is showing the time when Gatsbys dream is about…

Water is given huge meaning in the book. It represent the past 5 years that lies between Gatsby and Daisy and is stopping them from being together. When Gatsby talks about his life and how he was warning the sailor from hitting the rocks, i think this where the water started to represent his past because this is when he starts to reinvent his life.  When Gatsby is with Daisy it starts raining to make Gatsby never forget about the past but Gastby is blinded by Daisy charm to realizes. The more Gatsby ignores the water the more it rains, and the fast the past catches up with him. Gatsby talks about how “If it wasnt for the mist we could see the green light on the dock..”. this is representing the time where the illusion Gatsby is blinded by is about the be revealed. Gatsby is about to realize that he is never going to get to the green light, and that he will never be with Daisy. Nick describes East egg as “… white palaces of East Egg glittered along the water.” which talks about how there is separation between west and east egg, which puts splits them into social classes. For Gatsby the water that lays between the to social classes is the past, as the last 5 years separates and stops Gastby and Dasiy from being together. I think the author is trying to show another point to view about the others living in East egg. Fitzgerald only writes about one event that resvolves around Gastby, but i think the other residents living have water holding them back from something but with a different meaning.

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  1. You are taking my “be creative with your expression” seriously! Awesome!

    Watch your repetition of phrases. When you have used a word or phrase, you want to avoid using it again for a good 4 or 5 sentences, just so you do not sound like you are “overusing” things.

    Make sure that all proper nouns and the word “I” have capital letters- punctuate properly!


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