1st June 2018

lights out-read dis

The meaning behind light out is to show an insight on what it is like to experiences depression. The producer creates a physical representation of depression. There is a clear pro and antagonist of this film, the protagonist is the mother (Sophie i think) and the antagonist is clearly the supernatural murderous being that kills multiple people throughout the text. The producer uses this being to show the effects of depression. The being can only be seen in the dark, but when there is light, in normal day there is nothing wrong, but when the light turns off the protagonist lives in their hell. Sophie feels all alone as she is the only person who experience this being, just like someone that experiences depression. this being attacks every one close to Sophie, including her family, and slowly drives every one she cares about, away from her, until she feels like there is only one way to end it, and she kills herself to stop the pain.

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  1. Hi Morgan,

    What element of gothic fiction would you focus on for this response?

    How is it developed by the director?

    What is your response to their use of the gothic element? Was it intended? Did it achieve it’s purpose etc.

    These are the questions you need to be asking yourself and be confident answering before you write a response on any text.

    Mrs. P


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