8th March 2018

old mate frankinstein

Has distinct contrasting qualities to their character

Usually of a high social rank or hold a position if power

Often surrounded by devices that foreshadow someting negative

Driven by strong emotions rather than logic or emotion

Changes mind quickly- rash decisions to commit his life to a new career and changed values.
Devotes his life to going to university, gets told he wasted his life, then changes his mind, looks for new life then changes his mind again and works at a funeral home. Then devotes his life to bringing back the dead

Geerally secretive or surrounded by an air of mystery

Has a need to know

Frankenstein going to uni-
His parents decided that he should go to university of ingolstadt to study his chemistry. When he gets to university he has no old mates and then he’s sad and doesnt enjoy his experience, then he gets some mates and whilst having a phenomenal university experience getting some rap for making some science discovered but then the professor tells him that he has been wasting his time, the professor tells him if he follows through with chemistry he would have lived a wasteful life with no purpose. Frankenstein is at a lost, and needs someone to lift him back up Mr kemp who is the funeral director tell the lad he should look into the death-body type of chemistry then he spends 9 months on creating his “project”
“ The professor stared. ‘Have you,’ he said, ‘really spent your time in studying such nonsense?’ I replied in the affirmative. ‘Every minute,’ continued M. Krempe with warmth, ‘every instant that you have wasted on those books is utterly and entirely lost. “

“Bound to prosperity or ruin” the first sentence in this passage already sets a overwhelming mood for the text resulting in the reader reading the text with, doom in mind. Emotive words throughout the text continue this feel of darkness, like the use of the word storm portrays a overlying power to which they cannot help but embrace, along with the word torment which shows the pain that will experience.

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